“Ice Cubes” #WorldWatercolorGroup¬†

June 25th Another quick sketch for you.  And of course the glass holding the ice cubes had to be blue. This is me ūüėÜ. Original sketch by Susan Feniak.  Watercolors on Strathmore Paper.  4″√ó6″

“Squirt Gun” #WorldWatercolorGroup


June 24th “Squirt Gun”¬† This is another quick sketch but sometimes that is all a girl has time for.¬† When it came to water fights my weapon of choice was always Grandma’s discarded liquid dish soap container.¬† You see winning a water fight is more important then how the weapon looks.¬† That dish soap container out lasted and out squirted any other dime store version I ever bought or owned.¬†¬† Of course it helped that I knew just how to maneuver that bottle to get just the right projection.¬† I also learned to save my skinny dime allowance¬†to spend on candy or freezies instead.¬† ¬†If it was a serious water fight than nothing out did the hose and nozzle which there was always a mad race to reach before anyone else.¬† The prompts this month have me traveling down memory lane more often then not.¬† I have missed some but am trying to catch up. ¬†Hope you are enjoying a super weekend.

Original art/sketch by Susan Feniak¬† water color on Strathmore paper. 4″x6″


How exciting! Look what arrived today. My painting on my own swag! I had “The Blue Bike” printed on a coffee mug and tote bag. Original art by Susan Feniak 

“Sand” #WorldWatercolorGroup¬†

June 12th Meet Sandy the smiling camel. What makes him smile? A sand storm has just ended and he can see a lot better now. Especially those branches that look rather tasty to him. That last storm almost blew those double sets of eye lashes right off poor Sandy. No wonder he is smiling. Original art by Susan Feniak. QOR water color on Canson Aquarelle paper.  9″√ó12″

I have been Doodlewashed!!

Ive Been Doodlewashed 800x800

My thanks to Charlie O’Shields at doodlewash.com and #worldwatercolorgroup for making me a featured artist today.¬† Many thanks for all the support.¬† Now if only I had some computer savy to figure out how to share all this properly.¬† I have spent all morning trying to share the link without success so if you wold like to see my feature on doodlewash.com here is the link¬† https://doodlewash.com/2017/05/03/guest-artist-susans-easel/

“Puddle Stomping”

I have missed several days of the April #WorldWatercolorGroup prompts. So today while I had a moment I combined some of those prompts into one small painting. Sure you can guess puddles and umbrella. I have always wanted a pair of yellow boots to help me puddle stomp but never owning a pair has not stopped me from “Puddle Stomping “. This Grandma still enjoys a good puddle to muck around in. Original art by Susan Feniak.  Holbein Artists water colors on Strathmore cold press paper.  6″√ó6”. #WorldWatercolorGroup 

“The Car Ride”

“The Car Ride” A.K.A. Dog bliss!! The prompt for #WorldWatercolorGroup today is “Motion”. Seeing a dog enjoying it’s car ride provided me with a suitable idea for that prompt. Original art by Susan Feniak. Holbein Artists water colors on Fabriano hot press 8″√ó10″ paper.