“Curious Sheep”

This curious group of sheep are on the last page of one of my favourite sketchbooks.  Another sketchbook filled! Artist Susan Feniak.  Windsor Newton Cotman Water Colours on Strathmore paper. 8:5″×5:5″



I seem to have a theme happening and it’s rather boaty! Original art by Susan Feniak. QOR and Holbein Watercolors colour on Fabriano hot press paper. 8″×10″

Misty Wood #WorldWatercolorMonth 

July 30th Let’s all go down to the misty wood today. I do hope there is nothing around the corner. Original art by Susan Feniak. Koi Water colour on Opus Finest paper. 

Flower Power #WorldWatercolorMonth 

July 21st Just a little flower power for you on a Friday morning. Original art by Susan Feniak. Koi Water colours on Strathmore Paper. 8.5″×5.5″

“Sand” #WorldWatercolorGroup 

June 12th Meet Sandy the smiling camel. What makes him smile? A sand storm has just ended and he can see a lot better now. Especially those branches that look rather tasty to him. That last storm almost blew those double sets of eye lashes right off poor Sandy. No wonder he is smiling. Original art by Susan Feniak. QOR water color on Canson Aquarelle paper.  9″×12″

“Wooden” #worldwatercolorgroup 

“Wooden” That is the prompt for May 16th. This is a little wooden table that sits in our living room.  Original art by Susan Feniak. Holbein and QOR water colour on Strathmore Paper. 


#WorldWatercolorGroup  Further to my post this morning…. I practiced painting more babies again this afternoon. I am getting there. Told you I am determined.