“Zebra” #WorldWatercolorGroup 

Okay I have done it again. The prompt for June 9th was “hamburger” but since it was such a soggy stormy day on the boat I had lots of time to create. These two striped critters are the result. Original art by Susan Feniak. Koi Watercolors on Opus Finest paper. Think I will eat a hamburger for supper instead. LOL

2016 Birds on Parade

20161214_090957Hello to all my WP friends!  I have been missing in action, even missing December’s Draw a Bird Day!!  LIFE!!  Today I have a moment to present a select few of my bird paintings for 2016.  All are original art, by Susan Feniak.  Acrylic or water colour.  I hope this finds everyone having a marvelous December.  Hopefully I can get back to my art and blogging regularly soon.  Cheers.  PEACE

A Two For

img_20160921_123229We enjoyed our final weekend of our 2016 Boating Season last weekend.  Since then I have been busy with house guests and work.  Today I finally had some time to sit and do some drawing and painting.  I finished a sketch of our boat started on that last weekend.  Today’s sketch has nothing to do with boating.  Its a parlor chair.  I love prettily clad and delicate looking chairs.  Antique of course.  Hope my WP friends are all enjoying their weekend.  Cheers, Susan  PEACEimg_20160924_153324

“Yellow Echinacea” #WorldWatercolorGroup

img_20160904_154408With apologies.  Its been hectic here and I haven’t had time for art or you my WP friends.  Hopefully in the next week or two I can things back on track.  Cheers!  PEACE

Original art by Susan Feniak  Koi Water Color on Strathmore 140lb cold press paper.

“Getting Air” #WorldWatercolorGroup

IMG_20160902_141423“Taking Flight” or trying to!!  It was another soggy boating weekend so I had a lot of time for art.   This Flamingo is the result of that time.  Ever so pleased our aft deck stays nice and dry even in monsoons.  Cheers!  PEACE

“Taking Flight” original art by Susan Feniak  Koi Water Color on paper.

“Doe Eyes” #WorldWatercolorGroup

IMG_20160810_103109“Doe Eyes” #Worldwatercolorgroup  This girl was a quick sketch done on the aft deck a few days ago.  Even the photo has a hurried look.  I must have been in a hurry to go swimming.  Or beer bobbing. I should have stopped with the white ink sooner but she had a fuzzy look about her, molting? shedding?  age?  We see deer all the time where we boat.  Bears too.  Original art by Susan Feniak  Koi water color on Strathmore 140lb cold press paper. 2″x 3″

“Blue Hydrangea” #WorldWatercolorGroup

“Blue Hydrangea” #WorldWatercolorGroup  Original art by Susan Feniak. Koi watercolors on Opus Finest Watercolour pad. 7.5″ x 11.5″  Not much to say about this one except I am pleased with how it turned out. A good way to spend some time while bobbing on the back of the boat on a rainy day.  Happy Sunday! PEACEIMG_20160818_154553