“Glassy” #worldwatercolorgroup 

May 18th the prompt is “Glassy”. A pretty little mirror will suffice. It’s a long weekend here and I am off to enjoy it whole heartily. Perhaps there will be some art from the aft deck to share. Cheers. 

“Fuzzy” #worldwatercolorgroup 

“Fuzzy” the prompt for May 17. Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a bear! This is actually my bear, Fitsimmons. He was one of my care givers, greatest listener and keeper of secrets during my cancer treatments. We have been buddies for 21 years now and been threw alot together.  A dear bear deserving of a portrait. I hope I did him justice. Original art by Susan Feniak.  QOR water color on Strathmore Paper. 

“Wooden” #worldwatercolorgroup 

“Wooden” That is the prompt for May 16th. This is a little wooden table that sits in our living room.  Original art by Susan Feniak. Holbein and QOR water colour on Strathmore Paper. 

A Prize #worldwatercolorgroup 

A prize for someone I know loves daffodils. My back ordered cadmium yellow QOR water colour arrived today. Perfect!! A tad rushed for time today. Thank goodness we finally had time on our boat this past weekend. That was very much needed. Original art by Susan Feniak.  QOR water colour on Fabriano hot press 8″×10″ paper.


#WorldWatercolorGroup  Further to my post this morning…. I practiced painting more babies again this afternoon. I am getting there. Told you I am determined. 

“Smooth” #worldwatercolorgroup 

May 9th Smooth as a babies bottom or in this case skin. I decided I needed practice drawing and painting babies and children.  My husband tells me my attempts tend to look alien. I have to agree. That being said my determination is kicking in.  Let the practice continue. Almost didn’t share these. Something is better then nothing? Perhaps nothing would be better. Cheers Susan. 

“Feathery” #worldwatercolorgroup 

May 8th “Feathery”. A rooster has spectacular plumage to show off. Here is a splendid specimen strutting his stuff. I got so carried away with his feathers his feet aren’t in the picture. Original art by Susan Feniak. QOR water color on Strathmore cold press paper. 6″×6″.