Happy Mothers Day 

Hope you have a wonderful day! Hugs Susan Feniak. #WorldWatercolorGroup 

I have been Doodlewashed!!

Ive Been Doodlewashed 800x800

My thanks to Charlie O’Shields at doodlewash.com and #worldwatercolorgroup for making me a featured artist today.  Many thanks for all the support.  Now if only I had some computer savy to figure out how to share all this properly.  I have spent all morning trying to share the link without success so if you wold like to see my feature on doodlewash.com here is the link  https://doodlewash.com/2017/05/03/guest-artist-susans-easel/

I have been doodlewashed!


“The Puddle”

“The Puddle” original art by Susan Feniak.  Golden Acrylics and Golden Heavy Gel medium on 20″×20″ canvas. Okay so officially this one drove me right batty! I had a vision in my head but transferring that vision to canvas proved difficult.  That being said I had a grand time mucking about with the heavy gel medium. There is a lot of texture on this canvas! I am going to call this one done, for now.  Cheers Susan.

“Full House” #worldwatercolorgroup 

“Full House ” original art by Susan Feniak.  At least I think that is what I will name this latest painting.  If you have a suggestion please do let me know. Happy Easter everyone!! PEACE

Holbein Artists water colors on Canson Aquarelle paper.  “11×15”

“Inching Along”

“Inching Along” original art by Susan Feniak.  Today’s one word prompt was WORM!? I suppose eyeing ones first worm after the snow has melted is a sure sign of spring but I felt a tad uninspired by the thought of painting a big ol’ sguigly earth worm. I had to go with cute and came up with a rather jaunty looking inch worm. He is rather well dressed too. Holbein Artists water colors on Strathmore cold press paper. 4″×6″ #WorldWatercolorGroup 

“Puddle Stomping”

I have missed several days of the April #WorldWatercolorGroup prompts. So today while I had a moment I combined some of those prompts into one small painting. Sure you can guess puddles and umbrella. I have always wanted a pair of yellow boots to help me puddle stomp but never owning a pair has not stopped me from “Puddle Stomping “. This Grandma still enjoys a good puddle to muck around in. Original art by Susan Feniak.  Holbein Artists water colors on Strathmore cold press paper.  6″×6”. #WorldWatercolorGroup