I will be on hiatus for awhile but I look forward to seeing all your lovely works of art and images when I return from a wee break away from blogging and facebook activities.  I haven’t had time to paint anything lately anyway!! Cheers, Susan :)


original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 12”x12” box canvas

This year I am determined to embrace the beauty of winter.  Which is a stretch for me.  I am trying to see snow as a thing of wonder, noting details, patterns, colors and trying to find it not so dismal.  Not something cold and wet that I have to wade through and shovel.  Perhaps something that I can smile about.  I am trying!!  Hope you enjoy “Winterlude”!  Cheers Susan Feniak


“A Summer Storm”

original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 12”x16” box canvas

A reminder that neither our lake or all our boating experiences are calm, peaceful and relaxing.  Our lovely Shuswap Lake can turn on you in a heart beat.  Every summer we ride out several of these storms.  Last summer there were some dandy blows!  We have witnessed the wind change direction at least six times in under an hour.  The waves can come crashing in from any direction on top of one another.  Daunting.  The channel marker is obliterated by the storm breakers and spray.  Lightening, thunder everything can be thrown at us lowly boaters.   Sheets of rain or even hail can pound down. Visibility is nil, zero, nadda.  It all leaves one wondering what’s coming next?  Fortunately storms on the Shuswap are short lived.  Soon the adrenalin rush has passed leaving in its wake another Shuswap boating experience to share and talk about for days to come.  Of course one never has time to grab a camera when they are bouncing around on a dock or boat or watching safely from shore so this painting is from memory.   Hope you enjoy the experience!! Cheers Susan


Given to a good home!

004_thumb.jpg “Doink” the Killdeer chick was matted, framed and given away as a birthday present. Since the recipient was one of the couple who encouraged me to paint Killdeer chicks in the first place I thought she should have at least one of them. I do know Doink has gone to an appreciative home. Cheers, Susan

Thoughts of Spring

Original art by Susan Feniak  Acrylic on 18”x18” box canvas

After my last painting “Winterized” and rather wintery weather in our part of the world I decided it was time to turn my attention to “Thoughts of Spring”.  While out for a walk early last spring I took countless photos of Magnolias coming into bloom.  This painting is from that walk.  I have been waiting for just the right time to put brush to easel and paint the glorious blooms.  Hope my “Thoughts of Spring” brightens your winter day!

Please remember comments are always welcome.  Cheers, Susan Feniak



Original art by Susan Feniak  acrylic on 12” x 12” box canvas.   Rarely do we have a winter day that inspires me to paint a snowy scene.  But the other day we had a stellar one.  Unlike most days in our neck of the woods it was sun filled, bright and crisp.  There was a snowfall the previous night and then the temperature plummeted.  Leaving behind a thick intact layer of snow on all the trees.  This could be our yard or just over there……  It was a beautiful scene.  Happy New Year!  This is the first painting of 2015.  Here is hoping for a productive year.

Cheers, Susan Feniak


2014 My blogging year in review!! Thank you for all your support. Cheers, Susan

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 2,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 42 trips to carry that many people.

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