“A Birds Eye View”

original art By Susan Feniak  acrylic on 24” x 36” canvas

A bit of whimsy for all of you and my imagination at work.  Picture if you will a grassy field smattered with wild flowers.  Countless birds happily singing and flitting about.  This painting is how that field would look threw the eye of a bird.  Or as I imagine it would.  Hopefully you can picture this bright sunny day too.  As you may be able to tell I am thinking of sun filled days and missing the colors, sounds, smells and warmth of them.  A happy place!

Cheers, Susan Feniak


Another in progress

Original art in progress on my easel. by Susan Feniak    I wouldn’t want anyone thinking I am just wasting time around here!!!  See me smile?  But due to another sleepless night.  (Being sleepless is just me being me.)  I came up with an idea for a new painting.  Since I didn’t feel well enough equipped to attempt much of anything else today I decided to put said idea onto canvas.  This is the biggest canvas I have tackle in a while and did I ever have fun with my brushes and paints.  Almost enough to make me forget all about the sleepless night!  There is a lot more left to do but the painting is of the world as a bird might see it. A Birds Eye View.

Cheers, Susan Feniak



Susan’s To-Do List

original art by Susan Feniak  A quick sketch.  I was finally able to find some time for my art!  Such a busy time of year.  Happy Christmas Wishes to All!!  Cheers Susan


Race Rocks Lighthouse

Original art by Susan Feniak.  Holbein Water Colors, Derwent Water Color Pencils, Pigma Ink on Opus Essentials Sketch Book.  Several weeks ago a close friend gave me a funky frame that screamed driftwood and beach to me.  I had to come up with an idea that was all about the ocean or beach.  Ergo a lighthouse painting.  A first for me.  But from the kelp beds in the foreground, the Seals sunning on the rocks along with the plethora of Cormorants I love this scene.  Anyone that knows the west coast of British Columbia knows this lighthouse.  I hope I have captured it.  There was special attention paid to the clouds but again getting a good photo of one of my paintings has stymied me.  Paintings behind glass harder yet!!  Hope you like it!

Cheers, Susan Feniak


Red Cardinal

A quick sketch by Susan Feniak .  Derwent Water Color Pencils, Holbein Water Colors, Pigma Ink on Opus Essential Sketch Book paper.

These chilly days of November give me a few more hours to spend drawing and experimenting with my water colors.  This time I played with splattering the paint.  It is rather fun.  I hope you like my Red Cardinal in the snow.

Cheers, Susan Feniak


Variegated Holly

A quick sketch by Susan Feniak.  Derwent water color pencils and Pigma ink on Opus Essential Sketch Book  A favourite time of year is on the way so my thoughts are starting to turn to all things Christmas.  To me Christmas time is the one high point of winter.  Crisp, cool, sun filled days are few and far between so they are very much enjoyed as well.  Today is such a day.  I will be sure to go for a walk and point my sun starved face toward the orb in the sky!

Cheers, Susan Feniak


A Busy Highland Tarmac

Original Quick Sketch By Susan Feniak  Hobein Water Colors, Pigma Pens on Cranson Mix Media Paper.

Its been awhile since I last visited the Highlands of Scotland but I do remember the sheep lining the roads.  They would sedately munch beside the tarmac and watch the few vehicles roll on by.  We as tourists had to snap a few photos before moving along.  Perhaps all the rain here today reminded me of my ancestral home.  I have nothing but fond memories of Scotland and my times spent there.  I will gladly visit again one day.  Hope you enjoy my quick sketch of some fun memories.

Cheers, Susan Feniak



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